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The foundation of psychology in the Western world may be said to have its beginning in 1902 when Freud published his classical book on the interpretation of dreams.  The time has come to raise his work to a new level, one that incorporates the ideas of Eastern mysticism and the concept of the true self as the cure to all human suffering. Freud’s contribution is not to be underestimated in that his seeking for the genesis of human behavior opened up number of questions regarding the layers of the mind that are not accessible to normal waking consciousness.  His theories, however, were not comprehensive enough to encompass all of the complex and wondrous aspects that comprise a human being.


For the most part, this comment,  “Love is the Key” by a patient, states the problem well:

"Karl Menninger, after decades of work in psychotherapy, lays aside all learned talk both of psychic maladies and of therapeutic techniques, and utters one simple overarching truth: It is unlove that makes people unwell, and it is love and love alone that can make them well again. His contention is buttressed by more general studies and surveys, in which it has been shown that those therapists are most successful in bringing health back to their clients who are best able to convey love.


Their theoretical framework may be Freudian, Jungian, Rogerian, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, or anything else; the most telling factor is still the ability to communicate care, reverence, and hope to the troubled person. This explains in part why some psychotherapists seem to do so little for people even after months and years of appointments, and some complete amateurs are able to make a significant difference in a short time.  In my own years of receiving spiritual direction from various directors, it is clear to me those who helped me the most were not the eldest of them, the holiest, or the best schooled in counseling and spiritual direction; it was those who loved me the most. How did it work? They enabled me to believe in myself, to rejoice in my own being and gifts, to accept the mystery of my life in hope, and to make the most of it. Compared to this, analysis, advice, summaries of treatises and exhortations to the heights come to very little."


This website will offer deeply personal and engaging tools and techniques that will help your clients to look within themselves to find answers to essentially every question that they bring to you.  In addition, this will cover the topic of life purpose and the availability of Higher resources for help than taught in most academic schools. 


Conscious life contains both emotion and awareness. Our brain is a computer that processes thoughts, feelings, the input from our five senses, and the learned beliefs that no meaning outside of this limited 3-dimensional band of existence. Recurrent, repetitive thoughts from out Intellect can mold us into mechanical behaviors.  Most of our thought do not really belong to us, but are merely echoes of the words of our parents and teachers.  It requires practice to get in touch with our true thoughts and feelings.  With more practice we can get in touch with our inner Self, independent of our ego’s idea of the world.


Western psychology is limited without a definition of meaning and purpose to life.  The experienced therapist can offer support, advice, and some awareness as to the childhood trauma behind a person’s current problems. Medications might also make life more tolerable, but to what purpose?  Is there a greater meaning to life?  Behind every request for help is a search for happiness and a sense of true peace.  This can only come from a deeper understanding of life.


Here will be offered tools and techniques for rapid understanding and the uncovering of unconscious beliefs and feelings that promote our present attitudes and behavior. Remembering and undoing the past is only the first essential step to gaining a new sense of self in the world and, with it, a new sense of personal power. The therapist will be given tools that will help their patients to direct the answer to all of their questions back upon themselves.



The raising of consciousness and, with it a strengthening of the will, results in greater control over one’s life, a sense of belonging in the universe, and a sense of grounding and connection to a higher level of being.









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