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Talking to God is much easier than you might think. 

Within the “Higher Mind” each Soul is interconnected and has access to the wisdom of every other Soul past, present, and future. This represents the Sonship or “Son of God” divided into billions of seemingly individual Souls. Your own Soul is a part of a much larger, broader multidimensional Being that is invisible to the naked eye. The little speck of yourself becomes closed off from the rest of your greater, broader Self when in physical form, and especially when you put up a defensive wall of fear. Your “Higher Self” or “Higher Mind” will not break through your defenses unless you ask for help. The more you ask, the more the Intellect stands aside and the wider the channel for help becomes.

It is the desire of the Higher Self to ease pressures, stress, and insecurities that stand in the way of moving on in consciousness. It may inspire you with a desire to write, or an exiting new idea to explore, or an impulse to do something of value to others. These feelings are usually brief and can be easily overridden by the Intellect unless you are prepared to take advantage of the opportunity that is offered.  I found that once peoples’ resistances to talking to God are overcome, the process becomes a simple,  productive and successful endeavor for virtually everyone.

     The following is an example of a particular individual which proved to be not uncommon. . .
 “I was too depressed to get out of bed in the morning, and I suffered from frequent migraine headaches as well as chronic neck and back pain. I had lost all of my sense of self-esteem and became more and more socially isolated and withdrawn. However, through the consistent practice of writing to get in touch with my Higher Self on a daily basis I began to feel as if God’s presence had entered my life. This inner experience has changed the outer perspective of everything that was occurring to me in the moment. With this change in attitude, my entire body has slowly released its pain and I now awaken each morning with a new sense of gratitude for the blessings I have all around me that I was not aware of before.”

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Meditation for the Western World

Meditation has become a word in common usage in the
Western world during the past thirty years, and many people
now claim to practice it on occasion. There have been many
studies confirming that the practice of meditation, even by the
beginner, has a quieting effect upon the nervous system, a
relaxation of pulse and blood pressure, and a feeling of being
more “centered” and a sense of peacefulness. This would
make you expect that meditation could easily become a self-
reinforcing practice.
Yet, I commonly hear, “I’m too busy to
do it very often these days.” I believe that when you
understand the full value of the practice of meditation, that
you will make it a much higher priority in your life.
Meditation is different from prayer in that in prayer we are
extending our energies outward to God for help in lightening
the burden of our earthly problems, while the purpose of
meditation is to gain remembrance and attunement with God,
and to realize our oneness with Him.

If you are unhappy with the way your life is going, you may
have found that you cannot improve it with your rational mind
alone. Rather, you must raise your consciousness above your
problems of the day, to see it all from a new perspective. You
can only do this through meditation. Meditation is more than
just relaxation. Meditation is the act of opening oneself up to
the flow of higher spiritual energies so as to heighten the
vibration of both the mind and the body. It is an opening up
to the experience of Presence, of Oneness with what we call
God. There is no better way to fill our loneliness. There is no
other way to reduce our fears. There is no other lasting way to
dissolve our anger and our jealousies. This is the only way to
be truly happy and to find inner peace.

Communicating with your Higher Self or God is not as
difficult as you may have been led to believe. Your right
brain, when relaxed and receptive, is capable of spontaneously
attuning to a higher level of intuition and knowing. It merely
requires stilling the chatter of the surface mind to open a space
for the receptivity of “spiritual wisdom.” There is nothing
mysterious or mystical about it. Since all Mind is one, your
consciousness must also be one with God consciousness. All
that stands in your way is your barrier of fear and doubt. All
that is needed now is desire and persistence to gradually
restore your receptivity and trust toward an expanded sense of

Regardless of a lack of previous knowledge, you can begin
this moment without extensive training. And the more you
turn to it, the more open becomes this channel. Most
wonderful is its constant availability. Fifteen minutes is
enough in the beginning. Gradually, it may feel so pleasant
that you might want to extend the time. Time spent thinking
about God is never wasted, even if only for five minutes at
different intervals during the day. And smiling, every time
you think of God, is a great mood elevator.

When I first decided to meditate, I prepared a small room in
my home that would be completely quiet when I closed the
door. Then I sat upon the carpeted floor with my back held
straight against one wall. I crossed my legs, closed my eyes
and just waited with my ears open. It’s as simple as that. I
didn’t know what I was waiting for, but my mind and my ears
remained very alert. I placed my point of consciousness
between my two eyes, as if searching with curiosity and with
no pressure of time. The quiet waiting, of itself, felt so
pleasant that I sometimes extended the time to an hour or
more without realizing how much time had gone by.

After a period of practicing this exercise for several weeks, I
began receiving inspirational thoughts that I began to write
down in a daily journal. Often the ideas would be associated
with a tingling on the top of my head, but not always. It is
these thoughts that I am sharing here in their natural
progression. Only much later did I read books available on
the art of meditation. But by then I realized that all I really
needed to know was the phrase: “Let go and let God.” Let
God’s love flow through you without resistance!

During meditation, messages generally come to me as
feeling/thoughts that I try to put into words. Often, from this
level, the thoughts appear so obvious that I do not see the
necessity of writing them down. However, upon reviewing
them at a later date, I find that they contain a simple wisdom
that is beyond my normal state of thinking/consciousness.
It is usually helpful to begin each session with a brief prayer.
If your mind is troubled by worries and responsibilities you
might spend a few minutes putting your list of problems into
God’s hands. Then, let go of them and begin to listen.
The initial goal is to learn to control your mind to stop its incessant
chatter. This can best be done by listening very intently as if
you truly believed that God is quietly whispering to you. For
example, imagine that you were seated in a restaurant and
heard some people at a nearby table whispering. If you were
really interested in listening to what they were saying, you
would not be distracted by extraneous thoughts.

As all random thinking subsides, you will be able to enter into
the great silence. This is not a trance-like state but a state of
heightened mental clarity and awareness that is receptive to
whatever new thought or sensation comes in from a higher
level to fill the void. It may seem, at times, as if nothing is
happening. But something always does that will make you the
better for it in subtle ways.

Remember, that once you begin the practice of meditation,
you are helped and guided along the way. You may ask for
help in relieving the common feelings of anger and fear which
are impediments to stilling the mind. This will gradually
come more easily with time. You cannot think about God for
even five minutes without attaining some benefit.

As I described in my book, Guidance From Within”, you may
focus for awhile upon a particular problem and then begin
writing down whatever thoughts occur to you about it.
However, meditation is more than just a mechanism for
intuitive problem-solving. It is a means by which you slowly
raise your mental and physical vibration until, with time, you
see yourself, your surroundings, and your life from a new

Just as an acorn that lies beneath the ground when properly
watered grows into a mighty oak, so the pattern of perfection
of oneness with God lies dormant within each of us, waiting
for the right vibratory influences to unfold. All that this
requires is simple listening with intent. The creative forces
rise naturally up the proper channels. Our task is to remove
that which hinders the flow. Negative or selfish thoughts
hinder the flow. The love of God enhances the flow. The
intention and the desire to make contact invites it.
The connection to God or our Higher Self is a two-way process.
How much easier it becomes when you think of meditation as
something you are doing together with God. Remember that
God does most of the work once you have given Him your
willingness. Each attempt increases the vibratory rate of your
mind and body a seemingly insignificant amount. And
constant practice, even for brief moments, with the right
desire will eventually bring measurable results. What is the
right desire?—just wanting to be with God.

Meditation, when properly practiced, is a powerful tool for
enriching our lives. There is the feeling of being in touch with
spirit and, with this, the gradual awakening of our mind to
higher realms of awareness. Contact with God is far simpler
to accomplish than is generally appreciated. It does not
require the study of deep breathing, the chanting of mantras,
or the study of yoga that was meant for a different culture and
generation. (However, these practices still do have value if
you are inclined to study them.) All that is essential is the
belief, the desire, and the intent to make the contact. When
accompanied with a sense of deep reverence and devotion
there is a joyful opening of the heart.

Many of the beneficial results of meditation are rarely
apparent during meditation, itself, but it gradually influences
our conscious awareness and activities in the days following.
There is a powerful accumulative effect to even brief periods
of meditation. Meditation is attuning to the channel through
which God is constantly broadcasting His love to you. You
are always standing in the presence of God, but you are
usually too distracted to notice.