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Women Empowerment for Healing the Planet


The purpose of WEH is to help empower capable and willing women to become our new feminine leaders and role models.  After centuries of gender suppression, WEH will offer step-by-step instructions for creating small groups that will work together with a productive agenda, slowly growing into many thousands of members, until the power of women worldwide, speaking as one voice, may bring timely healing to the planet.

Women, as mothers, shape the self-image and the world view of their children starting from conception, during the process of childbirth, and through their verbal and non-verbal interactions in infancy and early childhood.  When we consider that a mother holds the keys to the subconscious mind of her children, if we could positively empower all women, we could change the way that human beings relate with each other on this planet in just one generation.  These factual and powerful lessons on Women Empowerment will begin to accomplish this in a way that will bring a positive change to men as well as to women.

The consciousness of a mother creates the matrix of her children’s world.  Most mothers feel anxious, overwhelmed or depressed.  In fact, I often ask groups that I conduct, “What is the most important thing that a mother can offer her children.”  The answer is, “a happy mother!” Yet, it is a rare person who can claim that they had a truly happy mother beneath a superficial facade.

Mothers who lack self-love cannot exchange real love with their babies and children.  Distressed, distraught, abused and degraded women produce offspring that are fueled by fear and anger rather than love, and who are later at risk for coping with life stresses with violence. This has become a major problem with our teenagers today.

What is also underestimated is the degree to which most women feel lonely, whether single or in a marriage.  Most men have very little experiences in communicating with women on their emotional level.  After a relationship has been established, men will tend to wander off and spend their time in other interests such as work, computer websites, hobbies, ball games, etc.  Some men adopt avoidance behaviors in order to avoid an argument because they do not feel equipped to respond to their partner’s needs on the emotional level that women crave.  Most men do not know how lonely they are until the woman that they take for granted and hardly converse with suddenly leaves, and then they may go into a serious depression. 

Many women also complain that they have difficulty finding good women friends that they can trust.  It appears that women, more than men, tend to be competitive, jealous, secretive, undermining and judgmental with each other.  This is why Women’s Groups have generally not be successful is achieving their goals.  However, after attempting many groups over many years I have found the basic formula required to make it work on a worldwide scale. 

It was  definitely a major learning experience for me when I first decided to invite, what I considered to be, the most mature of my female patients to participate in a long-term woman’s group.  I clarified that the group would be essentially unstructured so as not to replicate a workshop or classroom setting and so that all the women would be considered as equal to the instructor.  They were surprisingly uncomfortable with each other in this unstructured setting. They tended to behave erratically and were not generally supportive even when an agenda for each session was placed on the blackboard.  After each meeting, I routinely received emails from various members asking me why I did not take a stronger stand in defending one woman from another, or why I allowed one woman to pontificate her viewpoint so strongly, or why I didn’t confront a woman who expressed a religious prejudice. 

What I learned is that some type of agreed upon structure or format and set of rules is definitely needed and also that some women are not suitable for group participation and must be deselected from the group as soon as possible. (See,below, the criteria for the creation for a compatible and supportive group and the method of deselection.)

My greatest success came when I finally reached a group of six women who were later able to continue meeting without me on a weekly basis for more than two years. They have all related to me, recently, that this experience was not only highly supportive during a number of crises over this period of time, but was also “life changing” in many ways, such as upgrading their self-image and strengthening their spiritual connection.

I cannot overemphasize the importance or the commitment needed to  this a life-changing group experience.  There should be no discussion of political issues at any time.  Rather the focus should always be on a greater understanding of yourself as a Divine being through a deep communication with like-minded souls.  The first question that should always come to mind is: “How might I handle this situation or crisis before me now as my Ideal Woman so as to bring about a healing resolution?” 

Beginning the WEH Group Experience

As we begin this group work for women, I would like to explain that I was inspired by the writings of Alice Bailey to begin woman’s groups “that might be used by the Hierarchy to become a light in the world.” The Tibetan teacher clearly stated that this would be a difficult undertaking because women have been separated from each other by men for so long that they now tend to become competitive and distrustful of each other. 

Here is a quote from Esoteric Psychology II , Chapter II, The Ray of Personality:

I. The groups are an experience in founding or starting focal points in the human family through which certain energies can flow out into the entire race of men.  

II. They are an experience in inaugurating certain new techniques in work and in modes of communication.

They will be occupied with an endeavor to facilitate communication between individuals so that the rules and methods whereby speech can be transcended may become known and the new way of intercourse be brought about.  Eventually communication will be from:

a. Soul to soul, on the higher levers of the mental plane. This involves complete alignment, so that soul-mind-brain are completely at one.
b. Mind to mind, on the lower levels of the mental plane.  This involves the complete integration of the personality or lower self, so that mind and brain are at-one.

“This group training experience, now being initiated on earth through a new activity of the Hierarchy, will demonstrate to the watching Guides of the race just how far the disciples and aspirants of the world are ready to submerge their personal interests in group good; how sensitive they are, as a group, to instruction and guidance; and how free the channels of communication are between the groups on the outer plane and the Inner Group, and between them also and the masses whom they are expected eventually to reach.”
Basic structure of the group:

1. The group size should be from 3 to 10 women.
2. The members should refer to each other as,“sisters” (never “mothers”).
3. Two women should start each group who take it upon themselves to prepare the  setting and the materials for discussion. However, all will participate as equals. (Each members should maintain a notebook.)
4. Group meetings should last two hours, with a brief break in between. There should be no eating during the group.
5. The group should sit in a circle. Ideally, there will be available a small table upon which to put a crystal or wood pyramid to mark the center of the circle.
6. Group members are introduced one at a time. (Name tags might be useful for early sessions.)
7. The group  begins with a brief centering meditation.
Each member takes turns sharing briefly their experiences of the week. Requests can be made for later individual healing or prayers for an ailing loved one. (This is done after the break.)
8. The group motto is: “Receptivity and Trust.” This specifically describes feminine energy.
9. The agenda for the evening is handed out for discussion. A large paper pad or chalk board would be helpful for taking notes during discussion.

Selection of Group Members
It must be emphasized that this is not group therapy but a structure to empower strong women to be leaders and role models to other women in the coming times.

A relatively strong amount of healthy ego functioning is necessary to relate without becoming a hindrance to the functioning of the group.

A large age difference between members of the group could actually be  positive. The older members can teach the younger and visa-versa due to the enormous rapid changes in our society over the past 50 years.
It is important that the women are willing to join with an open mind and are emotionally stable.

General topics that the WEH group will discuss:
The inherent differences between masculine and feminine energy.

What is the significance of our role as women in shaping the future of our world?
How do we awaken our authentic feminine power and strength?
What might the future of our liberation as women look like?
How can we lead in ways that express our authentic feminine values?
How can we unleash the fullness of our creativity and our voice?
What's the relationship between our own inner transformation and our power to change the world?
How do we best care for ourselves and our families while making a  contribution to the world?
Where should we give our energy and attention in order to have the greatest impact?
How can we best work together and support each other fully in this process?

Look to this site for eBooks on all of the above topics and more.