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Insights and Affirmations

This section contains aphorisms, affirmations and reinforcement of the essential truths. Turn to it when you need an emotional lift or some encouragement to make a shift in your thoughts in order to feel more positive about your life. Try to read one or two each day and, later, reread them again to more fully digest them. Interwoven within this material is the essential truth that will gradually shift your perspective toward a whole new way of viewing your true nature and your perspective of the world. The foundation of psychology in the Western world may be said to have its beginning in 1902 when Freud published his classical book on the interpretation of dreams.
The time has come to raise his work to a new level, one that incorporates the ideas of Eastern mysticism that sees the experiencing of the true Self as the cure to all human suffering. Freud’s contribution is not to be underestimated in that his seeking for the genesis of human behavior opened up a number of questions regarding the layers of the mind that are not accessible to normal waking consciousness. His theories, however, were not comprehensive enough to encompass all of the complex and wondrous aspects that comprise a human being. Conscious life contains both emotion and awareness.
Our brain is a computer that processes thoughts, feelings, the input from our five senses, and the learned beliefs that have no meaning outside of this limited 3-dimensional band of existence. Recurrent, repetitive thoughts from our Intellect can mold us into mechanical behaviors. Most of our thoughts do not really belong to us, but are merely echoes of the words of our parents and teachers. It requires practice to get in touch with our true thoughts and feelings. With more practice we can get in touch with our inner Self, independent of our ego’s idea of the world.