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Women Empowerment for Healing the Planet

Goals and Benefits to becoming a member of a WEH Circle:

This will require both commitment and a high intention to begin to make each moment a precious opportunity for learning and growth.  The immediate goal is to try to maintain a warm belly and an open heart despite the confusion and stress that may be present in your outer circumstances.

The group  will offer a sense of special support and connection to each other as if belonging to a family, a need that is lacking in most large cities today. The members will soon develop a high level of unconditional acceptance.
It will provide an impetus for emotional growth through intimate sharing of experiences, dreams, etc. and by encouraging spiritual practices such as meditation, journal writing, and  group prayer.

It will provide a joint energy for spiritual healing that can be used to help each other as well as family and friends.

There will be a focus upon becoming more attuned and appreciative of the physical body as a vehicle for loving communication on the physical level.  There also will be a freedom from the fear of death with the knowledge that each soul has a right to remain in her body until she has completed her life purpose. With this comes the guarantee that no group member will develop the debilitating health disease of cancer.  (Let us begin to keep statistics regarding this statement, which has held true with previous groups.)

Each person is  born with a unique talent that is often left unrecognized and undeveloped.  The group will look for the unique talent in each of its members with the help of the exercises designed for this purpose.

The group provides a unique training opportunity for developing a higher level of active listening:  As each member shares her feeling and activities of the the week, the rest of the  group remains alert to the question, “What is the limitation under which this person is struggling?”  Each problem has a belief attached to it.  When that belief is exposed, the group recites in unison, “‘It is not true that .....)  The group then participates in replacing that  belief with a new, positive thought.  Click here for a collection of the “Spoken and Unspoken Admonitions” that run your life.

The group motto is RECEPTIVITY AND TRUST
(the definition of feminine energy)