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A Course In Miracles

The message of the “Course in Miracles” is both simple and difficult to understand because it is at total variance to the ego. Perhaps this is the reason why there are a number of authors that try to explain its message each somewhat differently and not entirely to the point. Some authors miss the essential message by claiming that Jesus was just another avatar who preached God’s love, and Gods invitation to return to Heaven by just practicing forgiveness.

The whole purpose of the, “Course in Miracles” is to teach you that the ego is unbelievable, and that you who made the ego cannot now free yourself from its belief system without help.  First you must learn to overcome fear by constant vigilance of your thought system in order to avoid attack thoughts of any kind.  In this way, through the constant act of “forgiveness” you will make yourself amenable to the guidance of the Holy Spirit back to sanity and your oneness with God.  This is the meaning of the Atonement - the return of all souls, the Sonship, to their oneness with each other and with God.
These Lessons on understanding The Course in Miracles will truly change your life as it was intended.

What is a miracle?

All miracles are inspired by Jesus through prayer.  They consist of loving and healing thoughts on a spiritual level from one soul to another that dispels all perception and illusion of separateness from each other and from God. Healing at all levels occur in the same fashion.

This is a message that must be spread throughout the world, and this is my purpose for outlining, as clearly as I can, its essential statements that would be of immense benefit to those who are drawn to this site.  Click on the lessons which are offered free to all those who are ready to make a change in their life.

I have studied the Course in Miracles every day for the past thirty years, from the time I met the modest Helen Schucman in person in 1978. I feel qualified now to offer you an exposition of its major teachings that I will expand upon each month and that I hope might entice you to turn to the original text as a group sharing.


The Course In Miracles was channeled over a 7-year period beginning in 1970 by a New York, atheist, Jewish woman, Helen Schucman, and typeset by her collaborator William Thetford, Professor of Medical Psychology at Columbia University.  Its author clearly identifies Himself as Jesus. Its intent is a universal experience of God, a message that will one day “be spread throughout all nations.” This means the dissolution of the ego and the restoration of sanity, which is the opposite of the reality that you now believe.  This is not easy, because its message is processed by the ego, and thus much of the original text sounds meaningless without years of intensive study and interpretation.


[Click here to read, The Ego is My Jailor”, to see the difficulty that the original text has to overcome in order to reach your understanding.]



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