psychospiritual integration
Your Life Journey from a Higher Perspective
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This site is dedicated to providing you with information and tools to make inner peace your life purpose.
It's about who you really are, and your ability to experience love in your life.  This is a is a User's Manual for the recognizing  of your latent gifts as a "divine being" and how to utilize the Higher help that is always available to you.

  • Who am I?
  • Where did I come from?
  • What is my purpose here?
  • How can I accomplish this purpose in a way that brings joy?
 Ernest F. Pecci, M.D.

Discover For Yourself

The Elements that compose Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Your Spiritual Connection: receiving answers through Meditation.

New Insights on Relationships, Parenting, and Self-knowledge

Your Life Journey from a Higher Perspective

A collection of Short Stories

Parables and Lectures

Learning to grow beyond your Problems and crises

Finding your Ideal Self

Welcome to drpecci.com

This Website is about YOU and how you can improve every facet of your life NOW in small easy steps.  Dr. Pecci will cover concepts regarding the connection between consciousness, personality and spirituality in ways that you can experience directly.


This site represents the legacy of Dr. Ernest F. Pecci, who has been a professional psychiatrist and spiritual healer for over 50 years.  It is a compilation of the wisdom he has gained from working with thousands of men and women with complex physical and emotional problems in many settings. In addition, he has had many rich spiritual experiences that he will share here for the first time.  He provides insights into the questions that are common to people in every culture in a manner that gives purpose and meaning to every experience in this adventure called, “Your Life.”  It will guide you to a new understanding of yourself and others in the world you live in.

You are a Being on four levels: 
Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual.
Dr. Pecci addresses each of these aspects of your consciousness and integrates them into a whole to actualize your Ideal Self.

You will come to an understanding of your present personality and how you came to be that way.  At the same time you will get in touch with who you really are and your true potentiato become master of your life.
The purpose of this section is to create a membership of relatively advanced spiritual teachers to share their own personal journey and unusual experiences that have convinced them of a higher reality - and one to which much of humanity is now capable of attaining.  Many have a website of their own and can help to join in a group effort for mutual friendship and support of each other’s work.  Dr. Pecci will reveal personal sections of his own journal over the past 40 years as an incentive for ongoing discussions. This could likely lead to a growing membership that might conduct special public conferences for the growing population of people who are now more interested than ever in finding a higher meaning to life aside from our technological advances .

Do you know that you are a more wondrous and complex Being than you can now imagine?

Which of the many parts of you comes seeking?

Is it your Inner Child. . . looking for security and love?

Or your Inner Teenager. . .
lost in an unfriendly world, searching
for Truth?
Or is it your Adult
. .
struggling so hard to hold everything together?
Let us speak to
your Soul
. . .
caught up in a physical body and trapped by your feelings of learned littleness.
You are a Divine being who needs help to remember your Source.

The Fallacy of Struggling to Be All You Can Be
 This site is different from most others because its purpose is not to tell you how to be constantly happy. Rather, it’s goal is to help you to understand and to accept the intolerable feeling of a spirit who has amnesia and is trapped in a material body in a world clouded by fear and where unconditional love does not exist.  Yet you chose this for personal soul growth and to change the world by changing yourself. In this environment, how do you overcome the helplessness and the loneliness of a soul seemingly cut off from its Source and still accomplish your task of being a loving being?  There is a need for constant help to overcome fear, judgment, guilt, loneliness and anger. And that help is available to those who believe and who know how to ask for it.

 This site is also different because it is not going to push you to strive to meet your “full potential” or struggle to “be all that you can be” so that you can claim fame, wealth, and glory before your first heart attack. No, that is the way of the ego. If we capture a tiger in the wild, and train it to jump through hoops in a circus, would it be a more perfect tiger, living up to its full potential?

The less that you want from the world and the less that you are driven by high goals and purposes to change it, the more you are free from becoming trapped within it. But that does not mean that you cannot enjoy it to its fullest.  If there is purpose to this existence, it is not the domination or the acclaim of others but the control over your own spirit.  How does one decide how to be the best that he can be? Would it not be in the fulfilling of one’s purpose?  It is not what one accumulates, but what one can take with him that matt

You were created perfect, but the control panel that runs your brain has been seriously tampered with.  It says, and our society says, that just being yourself is not enough. But what is “yourself.” You really don’t know the answer to that yet, and your mind has been so cluttered with useless facts that it cannot possibly be happy for long periods of time, no matter what you do. The only way that you can attain true peace and happiness is to change your mind. And all that this requires is the willingness to do it.

It is interesting to visit the many websites that talk of the prophecies and dire predictions of the monumental changes that this planet is about to undergo in the near future. Will you be ready to personally benefit from it?  This will require a state of readiness and no resistance. This website is about YOU.